Like many other parents, we have also been juggling working from home with also taking care of our daughter (while serving as instantaneous home school teachers!). So I (Theresa) and Gwen (my 10-year old) came up with these fun websites that bring a little science to the home:


PlantsAreCool! YouTube Series – Hosted by Dr. Chris Martine

Backyard Tree Identification – Here is a nice site suggested by Stacey Martin’s STEM Club. Thanks!

Marine Life

Check our their webcam index

  • Kelp Frest Cam – See an astonishing diversity of fish and invertebrates
  • Jelly Cam – Watch the sea nettles move smoothly through the water
  • Aviary Cam – Marvel at black-necked stilts or the black oystercatcher 
  • Coral Reef Cam – View a bevy of busy tropical fishes with coral
  • Penguin Cam – Visit the African Penguins
  • Shark Cam – See the sevengill sharks, leopard sharks, spiny dogfish and the elusive Pacific angel shark

See dolphins Winter and Hope (featured in the movie, Dolphin Tale) and other marine creatures on their webcams.

Other Terrestrial Life

Home of the famous Fiona the Hippo. And of course we are a bit biased, since Mommy also collaborates with researchers at the Center for the Research of Endangered Wildlife (and Plants!) there.

Home Safari

The Fiona Show – see livecams of animals all around the world!

Geography & Global Studies

Explore your world – Use Google Earth to explore your street and your city, or travel to a different country!

For a truly global perspective, view Earth from space from the International Space Station.

EarthWindMap by Cameron Beccario

Use the menu on the bottom left to show wind, ocean currents, waves, air particulates on different types of earth projections