Dr. Theresa Culley – PI

Current Graduate Students

BenMerrittBen Merritt (PhD Candidate)
Ben is using his expertise in GIS to answer ecological questions involving several different systems, ranging from plant-insect interactions in alpine environments to integrative taxonomy in Camassia. Previous to joining the PhD program, Ben worked in our lab as an undergraduate researcher, collaborating to publish a number of studies.  He is co-advised by Dr. Steve Matter.

RERobert Elam  (PhD Student)
Robert recently finished his MS degree in our laboratory, focusing on the effects of coal particulates on plant growth and responses to light stimuli.  He is now working towards his PhD, focusing on the population genetics of wintercreeper (Euonymus fortunei), a relatively new invasive in Ohio.

Jeremiah Allen (PhD Student)
Following his interests in conservation biology, Jeremiah joined our lab during Summer 2018 as a researcher on the Hawaiian Conservation Projects, in collaboration with Dr. Valerie Pence at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.  Jeremiah is currently develop molecular markers in a variety of endangered Hawaiian plant taxa known as exceptional species.

Max Winkeljohn (MS Student)
Having previously worked in our lab as an undergraduate researcher with Robert Elam, Max is now forging his own research path as a MS student.  Starting Fall 2018, he is just now developing his research project.

Francis CartieriFrancis Cartieri (MS student)
Francis is working on an empirical study investigating how to define a species within the Camassia species complex, using integrative taxonomy of different data sets (genetic, phylogenetic, morphometric, and ecological niche modeling). Such research is not only part of his MS degree in biology, but it also complements Francis’ concurrent pursuit of a PhD degree in the Philosophy Department.

Former Graduate Students

Current Undergraduate Students

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Former Undergraduate Students

Affiliated Members

EricTepeEric Tepe – An Assistant Professor in the Biological Sciences Department, Dr. Tepe shares our lab suite and our lab members are highly intermixed.  He is a plant systematist with expertise in the Solanaceae and the Piper genus.

MariaTorresMaria Torres – Maria is a Visiting Assistant Professor in our department who conducts her research with Eric Tepe in our laboratory suite.  Originally from Columbia, she is also a member of our Publication Bias project.